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Who we are

Green Goobé (pronounced GOO-bay) is a small, circular enterprise that helps make an easy switch to safe, zero waste cleaning. The venture is a labour of love by Ramya, an Environmental Engineer, biophile, natural farmer, and nature writer, who strayed into software marketing. Get to know Ramya in ‘The Backstory’ page.

We manufacture and market a line of scientifically and thoughtfully formulated, nontoxic and environmentally safe cleaner blends with plant-origin ingredients,  natural minerals and an infusion of pure and premium essential oils. They are hardworking too! And in keeping with our zero waste ethos, they come packaged in repurposed used containers.

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SCIENCE, THOUGHTFULNESS, INTEGRITY – these form the basis of our efforts at Green Goobé. That’s why we choose to craft our formulations in-house in small batches, against orders.

  • Safe and effective cleansers: We research and labour over every detail. We handpick raw materials — most natural, a few synthetic (because  commercially viable quantities of some natural ingredients are unsustainable); with unambiguous environmental and human safety profiles that meet our high standards for quality, performance and sustainability. This makes our cleansers safe for people, pets and the planet.
  • Zero waste packaging: The Green Goobé range of cleaners come packaged in handsome, repurposed, used glass bottles. We don’t mind the added workload of sourcing and cleaning these bottles.  Reusing them conserves energy and raw material that go into the making of  new containers, while keeping these perfectly nice containers in use, and out of the landfill.

The big picture

Convenience trumps mindfulness. People or business entities, we are all addicted to more convenience than what it realistically takes, to live and transact in ways inoffensive to our own wellbeing and to that of our planet.

The human race’s unbridled consumption patterns are altering Earth’s climate and ecosystems irreversibly. This occurrence has a name — the Anthropocene. Ominous statistics are everywhere, accenting the fallout of our reckless  consumptionism. We won’t bother putting them here.

While dealing with the menace of toxins in our foods, cleaners, cosmetics is one  part, the question of what to do with the fancy, branded containers they come packed in, isn’t being tackled with the sobriety that the matter necessitates.

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Not just a plastic problem

It isn’t just single-use plastic, but single-use ‘anything’, where packaging once used, or products once out of use, are ruthlessly tossed into the refuse bin. Making and  shaping any material, whether plastic, glass or metal, takes energy — usually from fossil fuels — and raw material, again extracted at high environmental costs, and processed with help from some form of fossil fuel.

Many want to embrace sustainable ways of being, doing, having, living…but don’t know where to start. Or how to find safe, non-polluting alternatives that do not  intrude and interrupt the lives of other species on the planet.

Seeking answers

At Green Goobé, we have picked a segment where we feel we stand a real chance at altering perceptions, behaviours and consumption patterns — cleaning formulations — a set of consumables used every day. Within this set, we looked for answers to resolve two persistent challenges:

  1. The harsh chemicals and toxins contained in commercial cleaners that pose a threat to human health and to the environment
  2. The humongous quantities of bottles, plastic pouches, cans and other sorts of containers that these cleaners come in, and are tossed away, once empty

Both pollute.

So here’s our little effort, which we hope will catch on, to help transform cleaning into a safe and zero waste activity.

Go on. Explore our range of meticulously crafted cleaner blends. Be sure to read through our ingredients page where we list our raw materials and their origins.

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